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Andy Bao: Workshops



Workshop #1 

Who: Mark Murrmann, Mother Jones Magazine

What: Photojournalism and Documentary Photos for Magazines

Where: Pacific I, Hyatt Regency San Francisco

When: March 3, 9 a.m.


Mark Murrmann, photo editor for Mother Jones Magazine, talked to students on March 3 about how magazines work with photojournalists and documentary photographers. Murrmann emphasized maintaining a long-term relationship with editors even after moving on from the position.

Murrmann reminded everyone not to send editors photos you don’t want in print. Some magazines are stricter than others when it comes to photo styles.


No. 1 Take-Away: Learn more portraits.

No. 2 Take-Away: Black and white is okay.


Workshop #2

Who: Nick Kenig, LinkedIn

What: Establishing Your Professional Brand with a Strong LinkedIn Profile

Where: Pacific N, Hyatt Regency San Francisco

When: March 3, 1:30 p.m.


If LinkedIn were to be summarized in three words, it would be “Connect to Opportunity.” Nick Kenig from LinkedIn demonstrated to students the importance and wide-spread use of LinkedIn in the work field on Friday.

Kenig stressed the importance of using LinkedIn to control what future employers find about applicants, not their Facebook. Five must-have fields on your LinkedIn page include education, a photo, your job experience, volunteer experience and skills.


No. 1 Take-Away: Qualify your short-term jobs.

No. 2 Take-Away: Your Alumni base is very important.


Workshop #3

Who: Bradley Wilson, Midwestern State University

What: Advisers and Photojournalists: The Tango

Where: Pacific O, Hyatt Regency San Francisco

When: March 3, 2:30 p.m.


Bradley Wilson from Midwestern University talked to advisers and photojournalists about working together on March 3. Wilson covered topics from giving assignments to uploading photos.

Wilson worked through different newsroom problems with advisers during the workshop, including managing students and going over equipment responsibilities.


No. 1 Take-Away: Three minutes to get to know the person, two minutes for the photo.

No. 2 Take-Away: Check copyright information and photo rights.


Workshop #4

Who: Deniz Ergurel, Haptical, Inc.

What: How Virtual Reality Can Transform Media

Where: Pacific L, Hyatt Regency San Francisco

When: March 3, 3:30 p.m.


Workshop # 5

Who: Jay Hartwell, University of Hawaii at Manoa

What: Reformatting Print/Web Content for Social Media Engagement

Where: Pacific K, Hyatt Regency San Francisco

When: March 4, 10 a.m.


Jay Hartwell brought his social media formatting experience to his workshop on March 4. Hartwell emphasized the importance of engagement in social media outreach.

The ending portion of the workshop was reserved for critiques. This included talking about the logos used on social media, headlines and cropping photos.


No. 1 Take-Away: Remember you can use user generated content photos if you talk to them.

No. 2 Take-Away: Check to see if we can use AP Images or if we have before.


Workshop #6

Who: Scott Strazzante, San Francisco Chronicle

What: Sports Photography: Avoiding the Cliché

Where: Pacific M, Hyatt Regency San Francisco

When: March 4, 1:30 p.m.


Famous for his sports photography, Scott Strazzante gave a workshop about the sports photography field and how to stand out from the saturated market. Every photographer at a sports event has the same chance to get “the” photo.

Strazzante reminded everyone that there’s a lot of luck involved in sports photography, such as if the big play occurs facing away from the photographer. Sometimes the best shots aren’t always the action photos. The best photos should have significance for the event.


No. 1 Take-Away: Always take a detail shot.

No. 2 Take-Away: More fan photos.


Workshop #7 

Who: Scott Strazzante, San Francisco Chronicle

What: Photojournalism: Finding Your Voice

Where: Pacific M, Hyatt Regency San Francisco

When: March 4, 2:30 p.m.


From the San Francisco Chronicle, photojournalist Scott Strazzante talks about some of his favorite stories he’s covered over the years. There are many tricks to use, including silhouettes and other clichés like panning.

Strazzante reminded attendees that a photostory should have three parts and include an arc. Some photostories can fit in a thematic grid form for a gallery or a collage.


No. 1 Take-Away: Make sure there’s an arc in your photo story.


No. 2 Take-Away: Reward your paper with unique photos.


Workshop # 8

Who: Tim O’Brien, Hadal, Inc

What: Photography by Drone: Common Pitfalls, the Limits, and How to Push Them

Where: Pacific O, Hyatt Regency San Francisco

When: March 4, 3:30 p.m.